Property Values

What drives property values in Coos Bay to move up and down? Over time, the worth of a house will fluctuate up and down. House values appreciate in the long term by and large. But, of course, there is always a certain amount of risk in real estate. When your property appreciates you have a […]

pacificpropertiesteam | Jan 9, 2020

Buying a Short Sale

Looking to make a deal on a short sale? When a homeowner owes more on their house than its value, it’s becoming increasingly common for the lender to agree to a short sale, whereby the lender consents to release the mortgage for a sum less than what’s owed. If you have questions about real estate […]

pacificpropertiesteam | Jan 3, 2020

Short Selling

Is it time to short sell your home? Don’t know what a short sale is? A short sale occurs when the value of a home is less than the amount of the outstanding loans. Short sales are often the result of values in an area rapidly declining. For many homeowners, a short sale is preferential […]

pacificpropertiesteam | Dec 28, 2019

Staging your house for sale

Professional home staging is a surefire strategy used to sell a home here in Coos Bay, Oregon. Some positive aspects of home staging include less time on the market and higher selling prices. If your goal is to sell your home quickly, consider a well-planned home staging strategy. Staging your home in Coos Bay is […]

pacificpropertiesteam | Dec 28, 2019

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